Reliability in interpreting

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting is a demanding, difficult, complex and highly specialized task, requiring the oral translation from one language to another, preserving the same meaning and linguistic register of the original.

Simultaneous interpretation allows multi-lingual presentations to be made at the same speed as a single-language presentation, so that the speaker can get his message across in real time with total precision and efficiency.

We can offer a highly-specialized team of professional interpreters with university and post-graduate degrees in various areas of specialization.

With over 20 years in this field we can guarantee our clients a quality service for their multi-lingual requirements at conferences, seminars, workshops, product launches, business gatherings, sales meetings, demonstrations and plant visits.

High-fidelity equipment

We can provide the most professional solutions for your equipment and technical support requirements for congresses, conferences, seminars and business events in the following areas:

» Professional sound and video.
» Audio services: microphones for professional use,
   wireless microphones, conference systems
   for multiple speakers.
» Recording, editing and reproduction of audio and video.
» Editing and projection of computer images using medium
   and high luminosity projectors.
» Multimedia.
» Infra-red simultaneous translation systems.
» Lighting equipment.
» Projection of data, video, slides, transparencies, etc.
» Registration service for congresses and exhibitions
   before, during and after the event.
» Rental of ultra-thin flat-screen high-resolution
   video-walls for a wide range of applications.
» Video-conferencing services.
» Large-format flat-screen video and data monitors.
» Personnel: technicians (for installation and operation),
   conference room aids, registration services,
   translators, interpreters, typists, stenographers, proof-readers.
» Publishing, printing, paging and reproduction of
   all kinds of documentation in all languages. » Audio assistance system for guided tours.
» Filming.
» Rental of PCs and accessories.



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